Leith Links CC Elections

Last chance to vote in the Leith Links Community Council elections. In you prefer to vote in person the ballot box will be open from 2pm until 8pm  in Leith Community Centre, New Kirkgate

Leith Links Community Council meeting 311016


The next meeting of Leith Links Community Council will take place on Monday 31st October at 7pm
The meeting will be opened by Councillor Chas Booth as returning officer for the elections for community councillors.

There are 12 places on Leith Links CC and 17 nominations have been received.
The election process is taking place until 27th October so we will have newly elected members attending for the first time.



Leith Links Community Council Elections 19th to 27th October

During the next few days you should receive information from City of Edinburgh Council on how to vote in this years community council elections.

Work is underway to deliver the election including a polling letter which will be sent to all eligible voters around 19 October.
You can vote on line through the city council website which will be live from 19 October.

Polling day is Thursday 27 October and the polling place will be open 2pm till 8pm in Leith Community Centre if you prefer a paper vote

The results will be declared on Friday 28 October

I have been involved with the community council and this is the first time full elections have been required so please take this opportunity to
use your vote.


Come along on Saturday, 8th October to meet and speak to the organisations who’ll be looking for your vote.
Groups will be there to tell you more about their projects before you take part in voting.

This year if you have access to the internet you can vote online from 1230 on 8th until Saturday, 22 October.

If you live, work, volunteer or study in Leith you can take part and you can now visit the site on line to register to vote. Leith Decides online voting
Once you’ve registered come  on Saturday,  see the projects then go back online to vote. If I can do it anybody can.
Speak to me or one of the other volunteers on the day if you want to know more.
Hope to see you there!