Happy New Year from Leith Links CC

I hope you had a enjoyable and peaceful festive period and hope that 2011 is a good year for you all. With a new year the community council will also be moving to a new venue for meetings. Our next meeting which will take place on Monday, 31st January will be held at Duncan Place Community Centre and hope the move may attract new faces to get involved with local community issues. At our last meeting in November Leith Links Community Council voted to support the campaign against Forth Energy’s proposal for a huge power station to be built in the Leith Dock area. I suspect January is going to be a busy month as the Forth Energy plan should be submitted to Scottish Government next week and hope we can get volunteers to help get the message out to local residents who still haven’t heard about the plan. Concerned groups only have 28 days to submit objections from when the plan goes to the Scottish Government who will then make the final decision. If you want to sign the petition please visit the campaign site at www.noleithbiomass.org.uk

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