OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you walk your dog or just go for a stroll round the Links you will have a valued opinion on the state of the park. The Leith Links Regeneration Group meet quarterly to look at ways the Links can be improved . The group is made up of representatives from local users of the park which include the Community Council, Cricket Club, Leith Links Residents Association, elected City Councillors, Leith Rules Golf Society and many others.Our last meeting was held on Wednesday, 6th March and was the first meeting for the new officer responsible for taking forward improvements, James Hunter. Members of the group went on a walkabout the Links with James pointing out areas of concern which include paths, event damage, trees at dangerous angles, missing benches, lighting problems and the multiplying football pitches marked out on the park which encroach on other users. Mr Hunter has just taken over in his new post and was concerned over the state of  Links. He’s promised to get things that can be fixed quickly dealt with as soon as possible. Mr Hunter has  a background in parks and has had favourable comments made about other areas in his care in the East of the City including Lochend Park before he took up his new appointment in Leith so I wish him well .Our friends, Greener Leith have done  excellent work in the community and completed a successful survey of what people would like and what concerned them most. It’s a few years since people had their say and although those views probably haven’t changed you may have thought of other things which annoy you and can be fixed. Money for improvements will always be an issue in the current economic climate but there are things that can be done which don’t cost that much. On behalf on the Community Council I would be interested in what makes you annoyed so I can take comments to the next meeting in June after speaking to other users. The City would like to make Leith Links a premier park like Princes Street Gardens or InverLeith  but I think it has a long way to go before we can get it that status. An example of something that can be done would be the children’s play park where I believe money had been identified to be spent on play  equipment as the quality on the Links  had fallen behind similar play areas in other parts of the City so if the money is still there when will it be used? I look forward to reading your comments and unless you say it’s ok your name won’t be mentioned. Thanks for reading this Jim