Water of Leith walkway clean up Sunday, 17th March 10am

If you’re free on Sunday, 17th March please see request from Don Giles for help at the Water of Leith walkway clean up.

I am looking for anyone who is willing to donate a couple of hours on Sunday 17th March to help us clean the accumulated litter from the Water of Leith paths around the basins.

We meet at 10am at Coalie Park so please come along 17th March  at 1000hrs – that’s off Corburg St on the right, about 200m down from the Gt Junction St/Ferry Rd/Corburg St traffic lights. The entrance is just across the road from the Bistro Cafe

The City of  Edinburgh Council are helping by providing clean-up kit – pickers, bags etc so all we need now is your help..

If you have a dog and/or have something to deal with the dog mess left by some less considerate owners then that will be a great help. Good footwear and some gloves to wear is also a good idea.

All the rubbish we collect will be be left at Coalie Park and will be collected by CEC on Sunday/Monday.

Hope to see you there and if you can let me know it helps me with the organising.

Best wishes Don Giles
Friends of Water of Leith Basin