Constitution Street/Bernard Street junction

The Constitution Street, Bernard Street and Baltic Street junction, the final phase of the northerly section of the Leith Programme, is now open and work on the adjacent pavements has been completed. A number of planters containing trees are still to be put in place in two separate locations in Constitution Street and, following the delivery of the trees, installation should happen in late November or in early December. You may still see a minimal  presence from the contractors in the area over the next couple of days as there are small areas of lining to be carried out but this will be carried out with little or no disruption.

 We would like to thank you for their patience during these works and hope that the new road surface, pavements and pedestrian crossings improve the area for everyone who lives, works or visits. We appreciate that some of you have been in touch to let us know about specific concerns; your input has helped us to manage the programme and strive to minimise disruption for all as far as possible.

Early next year The Leith Programme work will progress into Leith Walk and, again, we will work with the community and traders immediately affected to endeavour to minimise disruption.  



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