The City of Edinburgh Council have produced an information bulletin which I’ve attached but the main points for Leith make interesting reading below.

2011 leith census

In common with many other cities, population densities in Edinburgh are highest in inner suburban areas surrounding the commercial core of the city centre, notably in the Leith Walk, Fountainbridge and South Side areas.

The location with the highest population density in Edinburgh is the Leith Walk area, with a peak of nearly 26,000 people resident within an 800 metre radius (equivalent to a density of 12,900 persons per sq.km.). This is a higher local population density than anywhere else in Scotland, including Glasgow.
Indeed further investigation reveals that Edinburgh contains some of the highest local population densities in the UK outside London, exceeded only by Brighton and Portsmouth, and slightly ahead of Leicester.

Since 2001 there has been a very significant growth of population in the areas surrounding Leith Walk (up to 30% increase), as a result of new house building on brownfield land, together with refurbishment of existing properties.
The census results makes me ask the question why do so many Leith residents feel they don’t get a fair share of resources ?You can’t argue with census results which would indicate more money is needed in the area.Parks, cleansing, play equipment and Leith Walk.