Feeling Safe in Leith vote on line

To everyone who lives, works, studies or volunteers in Leith,

 You can now vote online to decide our next four Feeling Safe Neighbourhood Priorities, for the period June, July & August 2014.

 We asked you for your suggestions as to what we should do to make Leith a safer place and we asked local Council & Police Officers too.

 You have two votes, one from each voting set and the two most popular in each voting set will become our priorities, which will be taken forward by the City Centre & Leith Neighbourhood Community Safety Team, in partnership with other Council services and external partners such as the Police.

 Vote online by following this link:  http://www.edinburghnp.org.uk/neighbourhood-partnerships/leith/about/feeling-safe-community-forum/vote-for-a-feeling-safe-neighbourhood-priority/

The results will announced at our next public meeting on 3 June 2014, at 18:30 in McDonald Road Library, with results published elsewhere shortly thereafter.

Your neighbourhood – City Centre and Leith