Recycling Service

New recycling service

The Community Councils which will be affected in the first phase will be:

Craigentinny/Meadowbank, Northfield/Willowbrae, Portobello, Craigmillar, Liberton & District, Gilmerton Inch, Grange/Prestonfield, Granton & District, Trinity, Stockbridge/Inverleith, Drylaw/Telford, Leith Harbour & Newhaven, Leith Links, and if any of these community councils would like us to come to talk to them, just let us know by ontacting –

 From September through until summer 2015, we will be replacing the red and blue boxes with a wheelie bin and a box.  We will be rolling out this new recycling service to approximately 140,000 residents with individual wheelie bins.

 The new service will allow residents to recycle more of their waste and make it easier by less sorting of items. They will also be able to recycle lots more plastics; including bottles, pots, tubs and trays and also small electrical items.

We will be supplying residents with a smaller wheelie bin (140L) that will be used for general waste. The green wheelie bin will change from being a landfill bin to a recycling bin. It will be used for mixed recycling (plastics, paper, cardboard, cans etc) and they will continue to use their blue box (for glass), food and garden recycling. The red box will no longer be used, and we will collect those that residents don’t want to keep.

 All bin collections will be on the same day each week – one week it will be general waste and food bins. The next week it will be the recycling bin and box, garden waste and food waste bins.

 Introduction of the new service will be done in phases to ensure that we are able to resolve any issues as they arise, and can look to make any improvements, as the service roll out progresses.

 How will you let residents know about the changes?

We will be running a full scale communications and engagement campaign to support residents throughout the roll out. This will include information being sent direct to those affected before the start of the new service with introductory information on the new service.  This is arriving with residents this week.

 We will send another information pack near to the start date that will include a collection calendar, details on what items go in each bin, a sticker for their glass box, and where to find out more.

 Posters, signs, press, web and social media updates will also happen throughout the roll out.

 We are running events across the city, to speak to residents about the new service.  These are listed on this page:

 We have briefed our customer and neighbourhood teams to make sure they are aware of the changes.

 Brief information on the new recycling service is on this web page:

 Information about what streets are affected and a map is on this web page, with a downloadable guide:


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