Kirkgate Improvement Survey

The City of Edinburgh Council has a design proposal to improve the area in front of the Kirkgate shopping centre in the next two months. This area is often raised as a concern by local people who want the area to look better and feel safer and we are keen to address these concerns.

 This exciting opportunity to do something with this area has arisen as we are currently working on upgrading the Foot of the Walk junction. We can carry out and complete improvements here at the same time as these works are underway. The owners of the shopping centre are also carrying out an internal refurbishment of the mall and this will complement the works we are planning.

 We have carried out a number of surveys recently to get a feel for local people’s views and these have shown support for the proposals to:

·         Add trees to the area

·         Improve lighting in the area

·         Change the seating layout to provide smaller seating areas

·         Remove the large pointed metal tusk feature

 The Leith Neighbourhood Partnership has agreed, in principle, to the Kirkgate improvements but wants to hear from more people.

 What do you think? Please click on the link below to take our short survey:

 Please let us know by noon Friday 6 March 2015.

 If you want to get in touch to air your views you can also email