Himalayan Centre Climate Change Hub

My name is Victoria and I coordinate the Himalayan Centre for Arts & Culture’s Home Visits that are part of the Centre’s Climate Change Hub project.I’m writing to you with the hopes you could help me promote a project focused on the Leith are.

The Himalayan Centre is currently offering free House Visits that aim to help households become more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of energy they use at home.
They entail a quick energy audit to identify the main areas of improvement, and we provide practical tips on how to go about doing this. We also help people determine if they’re eligible for grants and schemes to help towards the costs of any changes. All the visits are free, carried out by trained volunteers and members of staff and are free and open to anyone living in Leith.
Below is a digital flyer with more information; it would be ace if you could share it amongst your network of contacts, add it to a newsletter, social media, etc. I’m pretty sure that the Leith Links Community Council can successfully help us spread the word about this project, and I also believe that people in the area would appreciate help and advice in reducing their individual carbon footprint.
In our last project we managed to help households save a total of 62 tonnes of CO2 emissions- the equivalent of 372 double decker buses! This year we’re hoping to save even more, so it would be great if you could help us promote this exciting project by sharing it with anyone you think might be interested.
All the best,

Victoria Lanata Briones
Project Worker
Himalayan Centre for Arts & Culture

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