URGENT Save Duncan Place Resource Centre: Spread this email by people

Dear Leithers,
If you are short of time please do the following:
Email the paragraph below to the councillors & MSP listed and forward
this on to as many groups and individuals as you can: parents councils,
youth groups, parishioners, organisations, family and friends! The email
needs to reach the inboxes by 17.00 on Monday 5thof October. The vote is
in the morning of Tuesday 6th.
Councillors should be using their votes to support the wishes of the
communities they represent. Right now they are not planning on doing so.
Lets ensure they know our views.
Thank you very much.

Dear Councillors,

I understand that you are voting on the future of Duncan Place Resource
Centre in the Education, Children and Families Committee meeting on
October 6th. As you will want to accurately represent those who you
stand for please be aware that we want you to vote for option 2: a new
school gym and nursery and a refurbishment of the ground floor of DPRC
to provide council run community services.

Many thanks for representing my views.

Adam.McVey@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:Adam.McVey@edinburgh.gov.uk>

Gordon.Munro@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:Gordon.Munro@edinburgh.gov.uk>

Chas.Booth@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:Chas.Booth@edinburgh.gov.uk>


elaine.aitken@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:elaine.aitken@edinburgh.gov.uk>

robert.aldridge@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:robert.aldridge@edinburgh.gov.uk>

maureen.child@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:maureen.child@edinburgh.gov.uk>

nick.cook@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:nick.cook@edinburgh.gov.uk>

gavin.corbett@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:gavin.corbett@edinburgh.gov.uk>

cammy.day@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:cammy.day@edinburgh.gov.uk>

norma.austinhart@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:norma.austinhart@edinburgh.gov.uk>

sandy.howat@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:sandy.howat@edinburgh.gov.uk>

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david.key@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:david.key@edinburgh.gov.uk>

richard.lewis@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:richard.lewis@edinburgh.gov.uk>

melanie.main@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:melanie.main@edinburgh.gov.uk>

eric.milligan@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:eric.milligan@edinburgh.gov.uk>

vicki.redpath@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:vicki.redpath@edinburgh.gov.uk>

keith.robson@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:keith.robson@edinburgh.gov.uk>

jason.rust@edinburgh.gov.uk <mailto:jason.rust@edinburgh.gov.uk>

If you want to know more please read on, it’s not that long!

You may be aware that The City of Edinburgh Council had planned to
demolish Duncan Place Resource Centre (just behind Leith Primary at the
end of the Links): a busy community centre that had in excess of 450
people through its doors on a weekly basis. This centre is needed in our
densely populated community. 
Successful campaigning now means the building will not be demolished due
to a planning regulation but it is not known if it will ever be
re-opened for our community. 
On Tuesday 6thOctober our local councillors will be voting on what
action should take place. Many options have been explored by the council
but the community have not been consulted.
Councillors Gordon Munro and Adam McVey in particular need to hear what
the people want. They should be seeking and acting upon the views of the
people they represent. At the moment it seems that they will not be
doing so. There is an opportunity to change their minds, but only if
fast action is taken. Councillor Chas Booth and MSP Malcolm Chisholm are
also on the list. They are already more supportive. Others listed are
members of the council committee with a vote.
You will remember Waterworld: delegate a facility to the community until
a financially better offer comes along. There is a strong possibility
this will go the same way if we do not take urgent action. It is not is not
The two main bodies working on the campaign are Leith Primary Parents
Council (LPPC) and Duncan Place Resource Centre Volunteer Management
Committee (DPRCVMC).
The City of Edinburgh Council has looked at many options (without
involving the community) and wants to go with option 7. This would
provide a new gym hall and nursery but no council run community space.
We are contacting you to ask for your support for option 2. This would
also provide a new gym hall and nursery along with a refurbishment of
the ground floor to provide community space at a much reduced capacity.
In these austere times it has been clear that a full refurbishment is
not possible.

The City of Edinburgh Council has stated that both options are expected
to take 96 weeks to deliver.

Option 2 is also supported by LPPC providing the time scales do not
alter. Option 2 should allow expansion of the charity run, not for
profit, affordable after school care and holiday clubs that take place.
The after school club at Leith Primary is full with a long waiting list.
The school roll has risen immensely. Only 20 places in after school club
are available to Leith Primary. They require more space. Many parents
working full time are now forced to use a privately run after school
club. The price difference per month is £64.00 per child!
Option 2 would also return many social and leisure opportunities to the
community. Previously there was woodworking, silversmithing, upholstery,
languages and yoga to name but a few. Duncan Place Resource Centre is
ours, lets get it back.
If you would like an update following Tuesday please send an email with
the subject box stating “update request” to
dpmanagement.committee@gmail.com <mailto:dpmanagement.committee@gmail.com>