Leith Programme Phase 4 – Pilrig Street to McDonald Road

Leith Programme Phase 4 – Pilrig Street to McDonald Road – Draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and Redetermination Order (RSO)

 As part of our regular update series, we would like to inform you that the draft TRO and RSO for the next phase of the Leith Programme, Pilrig Street to McDonald Road, will be formally advertised, a week today, on Tuesday 20 October. TROs set out all restrictions on a road including where yellow lines, parking places, and bus lanes are to be located, while RSOs designate areas of the street as carriageway, footway or cycle path.

As part of the ongoing Leith Programme, various changes will be proposed for this next section of the works including:

·         Changes to waiting, loading and stopping restrictions

           Changes to bus lanes and bus stops

·         Changes to disabled bays

·         Introducing segregated cycling facilities in both directions on Leith Walk

·         Storing communal domestic waste bins in dedicated spaces in lay-bys

·         Introducing a no entry restriction to Iona Street from Leith Walk (except for cyclists)

Introducing a number of 60 minute maximum stay parking bays and loading bays in Albert Street

 The Orders will be advertised in accordance with statutory requirements and details will be viewable on the Council’s website or in person at The City Chambers on the High Street. Over and above the statutory requirements, letters will also go out to all those in the immediately impacted section and surrounds to inform residents and businesses of the proposals. The period for submitting comments and/or objections will run for four weeks from Tuesday 20 October to Tuesday 17 November and full details of how to do this can be viewed on the Council’s website at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/trafficorders.

 We are aware that the draft TRO/RSO documents for Phase 4 were available in the public domain earlier today due to drafts being uploaded on our main website in advance of the formal advertising process. Due to the number of TROs our Transport Section deals with, this advance uploading is a normal procedure. Please be aware that these documents will not be fully visible on the Traffic Orders web page until Tuesday 20 October.