Seafield Notification of Planned Works

See message from Scottish Water below  regarding work starting at Seafield tomorrow. If you live in the area and have problems with offensive odours please phone City of Edinburgh Council on 200 2000

On behalf of Veolia, the operator of Seafield WWTW, Scottish Water, would like to notify stakeholders that the second phase of the planned annual inspection of the Thermal Hydrolysis plant at Seafield is scheduled to commence on Saturday 21st November and should take approximately one week to complete. This will involve a further partial shutdown of this plant. 

 Shutting down the Thermal Hydrolysis plant, either in whole or in part, to allow for an inspection does not increase the overall risk of odours being generated.  However, following issues with odour emissions due to increased sludge levels during the first partial shutdown of this plant in October, and drawing from the lessons learnt from that incident, Veolia has developed a series of additional measures to manage the overall treatment process which will be constantly monitored whilst this inspection work is undertaken.

In addition, a series of contingency actions have also been developed to deal with any unforeseen problems which may occur during this second partial shutdown. These actions are primarily aimed at ensuring that sludge levels throughout the treatment process are kept to a minimum. Increased sludge levels resulted in the heightened levels of odour emissions during and following the previous partial shutdown in October.

 Prior to formalising this plan all aspects of these procedures and proposed contingency actions were discussed at a joint meeting attended by Veolia, Scottish Water, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the City of Edinburgh Council.