Edinburgh’s 2016/17 budget agreed

Edinburgh’s 2016/17 budget agreed

Thank you for your interest in Edinburgh’s budget. We received a record level of responses following the 11 weeks of public engagement, which gave you the opportunity to have your say on changes which may affect you.

At the special Council budget meeting on Thursday 21 January, Councillors considered the proposals and the budget engagement findings and agreed how the £950 million budget will be spent and where we can make savings for the future. You can watch a recording of the budget meeting to see the discussion.

 As a result of public feedback, the Council made a number of changes to the proposals, including:

 ·        removing the draft proposal to reduce street crossing patrols

·        keeping the night noise team

·        removing the draft proposal to reduce the size of in-house home care service

·        not proceeding with the redesign of day care services for adults with learning disabilities

·        removing the proposal for a reduction in community centre staff

·        amending the proposal to review support staff in special schools, ensuring maintenance of both staff numbers and service delivery

·        removing the £0.5million proposal to review family and pupil support

·        maintain the current level of support for community policing

·        investing £15.069million in roads, pavements and cycleways to continue to make it easier for people to get around the city

·        allocating 9% of both the net capital expenditure and the net revenue expenditure of the Transport Division of the Council to cycling

·        limiting the Council housing rent increase to 2% in 2016/17.

 The Council has also decided to:

·        carry our further consultation about providing music tuition in schools

·        increase the funding available to invest in our property estate by £3million

·        realign and revise our strategy on income maximisation to generate £1million of additional funds in 2016/17

·        get the most amount of financial return from the Council’s companies.

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You can read further information on our websiteA summary will be sent to all residents along with details of council tax charges for 2016/17.

 Have your say

You can continue to have your say on our services and how we save and spend money in the future. If you have any suggestions or questions about the budget please email councilbudget@edinburgh.gov.uk

 If you do not wish to receive further emails about the budget please let us know by emailcouncilbudget@edinburgh.gov.uk