To much Alcohol in Leith?

Alcohol in Leith

In 2014, local people said that alcohol was a factor in some of the issues which needed to be prioritised.  Those views are supported by statistical information which tells us that alcohol impacts on the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership area in a number of ways.  

 The City of Edinburgh’s Licensing Board regularly produce a statement on how they will carry out licensing in the city and the Partnership is asked to say how it would like this done in Leith.  The Partnership would like to be sure that what it says is the correct view of local people.  So it would like to know more about local people’s experience and views on alcohol. 

 Please help by taking a few minutes to answer the questions in this online survey.

 Results of the survey will be presented at the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership meeting at 6.30 pm on 24 May 2016 at Lorne Primary School (venue to be confirmed).  Next steps will be discussed at that meeting.

 Young Leithers wanted to Research Alcohol and Social Media in Leith

 Following up from the consultation on alcohol in Leith.   Young Leithers are being asked to take part in an 8 week programme to look into the following:

  • The role and impact of advertising, in particular social media.
  • How and why the industry targets young people through social media.

 Findings will be used to inform the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership’s submission to the Licensing Board for the next Licensing Policy Statement.  Support and guidance will be provided by Alcohol Focus Scotland. 

This opportunity may be of particular interest to young people with an interest in citizenship, or looking for opportunities to add to their CV to help with job-search or college applications.

Meetings will take place at the Business Hub, McDonald Road Library on Friday afternoons from 2 September 2016.  (No meeting during school break)

For further information and to note interest contact Jane Wilson by telephone to 0141 572 6598 or e-mail