Leith Links Community Council

Leith Links Community Council membership numbers have recently fallen below the level required to operate as a community council. Arrangements are being made for an interim election to take place and further information on this and how you can become a member of the community council will be made available in the near future. 

 Unfotunately due to resignations, changes of address and failure of elected community councillors to attend meetings we only have 5 elected members left which is below the required number to be called a community council. We need a minimum of 6 to function and a maximum of 12 based on geographical area. People who know me and follow us by email, webpage or more recently Facebook will know how committed we are to the community. Interim elections will begin on 7th March until 30th March and publicity during this period will be handled by the City Council but I will also keep anyone interested updated.

Best wishes